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Becca Owen

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Sound Healing Practitioner & Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor


Becky Moriarty

Master Sound Healing Practitioner & Instructor, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Coach, Free Form Dance Instructor, Yoga Nidra Practitoner, Esthetician

Becca Owen

Becca’s longtime fascination with alternative and complementary healing arts and her passion for music and dance led her on a path to the sound therapy gifts she shares today. That path began In 2012, when she became a Reiki practitioner and teacher, and an LMT shortly after. Becca gained her certifications as a practitioner of sound healing and vibrational therapy with Meditate School of Sound Healing and Mindfulness and is now teaching, sharing her passion for sound healing with others.

Becky Moriarty

Becky is a Sound Healer Practitioner, Mindfulness Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Master Sound Healer Instructor, Certified Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, and a Licensed Esthetician in Sarasota Florida. Becky is gratefully walking a path that allows her to blend all of her modalites together to reach as many people as she can in the world, helping them find their own true path, their own true frequency.


Becky brings 28 years of her own spiritual journey into all she teaches and explores. She has studied Reiki, Crystals for Healing, Tuning Forks, Chakras, Mindfulness, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing plus many other modalities. She also became a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician along the way.


At Meditation, Sound, Mindfulness - A Wellness Community, she cultivates an atmosphere of body, mind and spirit care through various treatments ranging from 1 on 1 Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching to Group Sound Baths, to Free Flow Dancing and 1 on 1 Vibrational Healing Sessions. Becky’s goal is to create a truly healing, relaxing oasis where anyone who comes feels supported, accepted and cared for in all ways leading to instant, lasting transformation.


Tiffany Fradley

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner


Sally Sammons

Certified Sound Healing Practitioner

Sally Sammons

Always drawn to caring for others, Sally began her journey as a disaster volunteer with the
American Red Cross. After participating in numerous disaster responses, Sally eventually became paid staff as a Disaster Manager in Solano County, CA., with the American Red Cross Bay (San Francisco) Area Chapter. Following this assignment, she transferred to the Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services department of the Red Cross, directly supporting the military. During her tenure with Red Cross, Sally deployed with the military to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq supporting troop welfare.

After retiring from Red Cross, Sally later moved to Sarasota FL. From the moment she arrived in
Sarasota in 2011, she could sense the energetic vibrations surrounding Sarasota. This special energy led Sally to seek out training to become a Reiki Master and a Healing Touch Practitioner. Little did she know that these modalities and experiences were merely the beginning of her journey. Soon her exploration of the many facets of energy healing pointed toward Yoga Nidra and Sound and Vibrational Therapy.

Now, as a certified practitioner, it is Sally’s commitment and goal that Sound and Vibrational healing be
made available to everyone.

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